"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."
C. S. Lewis

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great and Holy Tuesday

Matins, Tone 6
Come, ye faithful, and let us serve the Master eagerly, for He gives riches to His servants. Each of us according to the measure we have received, let us increase the talent of grace. Let one gain wisdom through good deeds; let another celebrate the Liturgy with beauty; let another share his faith by preaching to the uninstructed; let another give his wealth to the poor. So shall we increase what is entrusted to us, and as faithful stewards of His grace we shall be counted worthy of the Master’s joy. Bestow this joy upon us, Christ our God, in Thy love for mankind.

When Thou shalt come, O Jesus, in glory with the angelic hosts and shalt sit upon the throne of judgment, do not send me from Thy presence, O good Shepherd. Thou dost accept those who stand upon the right, but those upon the left have turned away from Thee. Destroy me not with the goats, though I am hardened in sin, but number me with the sheep on Thy right hand, and save me in Thy love for mankind.

O Bridegroom, surpassing all beauty, Thou hast called us to the spiritual feast of Thy bridal chamber. Strip from me the disfigurement of sin, through participation in Thy Sufferings; clothe me in the glorious robe of Thy beauty, and in Thy compassion make me feast with joy at Thy Kingdom.

Tone 7
Behold, my soul, the Master entrusts thee with a talent. Receive His gift with fear; make it gain interest for Him; distribute to the needy, and make the Lord thy friend. So shalt thou stand on His right hand when He comes in glory, and thou shalt hear His blessed words: ‘Enter, servant, into the joy of thy Lord.’ I have gone astray, O Saviour, but in Thy great mercy count me worthy of this  joy.

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